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Our Impact

Alina Vision delivers impact across four key areas.

Health Impact

Making high quality eye care affordable and easily accessible can improve visual function and clarity of sight. For example, availability of treatment for injuries and screening of eye diseases that may lead to preventable blindness.

Socio-cultural Impact

Improved eye health directly impacts agency and independence, resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem that can lead to greater participation in the community. Vision can also create a more equitable society. For example, gender equity through culturally safe eye health delivery.

Economic Impact

Accessible and affordable eye care reduces the economic strain on a person, their household, and their community. Good eye health allows autonomy and independence. For example, productivity of paid and unpaid work increases as a direct result of improved visual function.

Educational Impact

Access to eyeglasses and eye surgery leads to improved vision, which has a direct impact on a person's ability to obtain an education and improve their economic prospects. For example, school-aged children are able to participate in class and therefore stay in school instead of dropping out.

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Our Impact - in numbers to date

Vietnam suffers from a sizeable unmet need to address avoidable blindness. To date Alina Vision has achieved the following:

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228,553 vision screening examinations including 96,153 free examinations

10,202 surgeries and 21,787 procedures

7,199 cataract surgeries including 1,604 free surgeries

25,586 glasses dispensed including 4,489 free glasses

58% female cataract patients 


15,532 glasses dispensed


Post-surgical outcomes 4 percentage points higher than the WHO benchmark

Our Quality
Consistently high quality for all patients month on month 

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