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What We Do

Our Pilot Hospital

Alina Vision established a pilot surgery center in Hung Yen Province (around 60 kilometres outside the Vietnamese Capital of Hanoi) in late 2019.  Alina Vision provides products and services to patients within 2 hours travel time of the Hospital, reaching many provinces in the Red River Delta. We are looking for new markets in Vietnam where our social business continues to grow and reach more patients. We are looking to expand our footprint in Vietnam and broader Asia. 

Our Products and Services 

Alina Vision’s hospitals and eye care centres focus on the provision of secondary eye care services. Alina Vision offers the services below at our hospital and also offer Outreach services to communities to ensure service provision.

Ocular surgeries both major and minor, such as cataract, pterygium, and eyelid surgery

Other major procedures such as retina injection / lasers, OCT, HFA, etc., including early detection and

Optical services such as screening and dispensing glasses 

Pharmaceutical products including preparing and dispensing medications 


Alina Vision attracts paying patients by building a reputation as a high-quality eye health service provider, while also offering outreach services to underserved communities. Outreach to potential patients is mainly done through eye camps, screening patients in the community, and working with partners to support patient’s travel to our hospital for treatment. All outreach events involve a high degree of planning and engagement with local communities.


Outreach services include:

  • Full comprehensive eye health checks through screening for operable cataracts, refractive error, intraocular pressure to identify glaucoma, paediatric eye problems, diabetic retinopathy, corneal problems and age-related macular degeneration.

  • Advising patients on surgical options available 

  • Referral of patients for specialty consultation at the base hospital Training teachers and students on eye care

  • Prescribing glasses 

  • Training factory worker representatives on eye care

Our Training 

Alina Vision’s comprehensive training strategy enables it to achieve high-quality results. Alina Vision has developed a multi-faceted training program (both in-house and external) for its medical and non-medical staff that has proven successful in the pilot hospital and will do so in our new hospital facilities.

Alina Vision is focused on elevating the quality of eye-care services in Vietnam. Alina Vision has extensive training pathways on offer, together with an Ophthalmologist engagement and retention strategy designed to increase employee engagement and promote retention of talent.

The benefits of training include:

  • better quality clinical and service outcomes for patients

  • greater efficiency leading to increased patient volume

  • career development pathways

  • identification of gaps in the eye health workforce 

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Vinmec - Alina Eye Hospital

On 26 October 2022, Vinmec Times City National Hospital and Alina Eye Hospital signed a cooperation agreement to establish Vinmec - Alina Eye Center in association with Rohto.


Read more about the Vinmec - Alina Eye Center here

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