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Seminar "Common eye diseases in the elderly"

To care for the material and spiritual life, protect the legal and legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, especially elderly women. Helps improve knowledge for the elderly about eye conditions in old age. December 17, 18, 2022 - Provincial Women's Union and Hung Yen Provincial Elderly Association in collaboration with Alina Eye Hospital organized 02 seminars on "Common Eye Diseases in the Elderly" with the goal is to spread care and empathy to the community through many practical and timely eye health care activities.

Overview of the conference

In 02 seminars took place at Phu Cu District Cultural House and Thai Binh Hotel in the Hung Yen City, more than 600 delegates received MSc, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Hong and Specialist doctor Nguyen Thi Phuong - Eye Specialist - Alina Eye Hospital conveys basic knowledge about eye diseases, how to prevent and treat them if unfortunately caught.

Answer questions at the Conference

As we get older, the natural aging process of the eyes will appear, vision will gradually be limited, and eye disease symptoms will begin to appear. However, if you clearly understand eye diseases and know how to take care of them properly, you will be able to limit eye diseases in old age. Eye diseases in the elderly can affect vision or lead to blindness. The aging body leads to increased aging which is inevitable. Any part of the body is subject to this aging process, the eyes are no exception. As you get older, your eyes not only weaken your vision but also increase the risk of eye diseases.

It is known that Alina Vision Eye Hospital, with the mission of bringing light, has accompanied organizations to carry out many humanitarian programs that benefit the community such as eye examinations and free medicine distribution.

Delegates attended at Phu Cu District Cultural House, Hung Yen City

Alina Eye Hospital is a leading hospital with a team of experienced surgeons, with in-depth training at the world's leading eye hospitals in Phaco surgery such as Aravind (India). Examination and surgical procedures are quality controlled according to international standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). Postoperative visual acuity results met WHO standards.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Hy - Head of the Representative Committee of the Elderly Association of Hung Yen province

Since its establishment, Alina Eye Hospital has become a reliable and professional address in the field of specialized eye examination and community health care. At Alina, the most modern and advanced system of ophthalmic machinery and equipment is imported directly from abroad, supporting the most accurate diagnosis of patients' eye health. Clinics and treatment rooms are all built to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health. Alina Eye Hospital constantly improves and enhances the quality of medical equipment to best serve the medical examination and treatment needs of people.

Distributing gifts at the Conference


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