The Affordable Eye Care Model

The Problem

Millions around the globe suffer from blindness or impaired vision, but there are proven solutions. 80% of cases are easily treatable, at a cost affordable even in low income countries. The real problem is a shortage of high-quality eye care. We are solving it.

The Solution

The Affordable Eye Care Model

Patients choose the pricing tier they are comfortable paying. Tightly managed operations keep costs low while significantly improving the quality of surgical outcomes and revenue covers the cost of caring for all, plus some.


The Affordable Eye Care model has been proven over decades of experience at organizations that have improved sight for millions.

High Volume

Effective patient outreach generates high demand and standardized operating systems increase staff productivity, enabling high surgery volume.

High Quality

Extensive training, rigorous monitoring and continuous improvement of clinical outcomes drive world-class quality.

Tiered Pricing

Clinic capacity serves low income patients according to willingness to pay. High quality care attracts higher paying patients, and different approaches.

Low Cost

Intelligent purchasing keeps consumables cost low. High patient volume maximizes infrastructure utilization and drives down average unit cost.

Alina Vision

Mobilize investors, traditional philanthropy and medical expertise in a coordinated strategy to reduce avoidable blindness, quickly and dramatically.

Provide world-class quality to the entire community. Choose to serve the poor and disadvantaged, which creates sustainable strategic advantage leading to sustainable financial returns.

Create a global network of surgery centers to deliver 400,000 additional sight-saving surgeries each year; chart a course for others to follow.